Who We Are

Farmer's Select is more than just brand - it's a promise. A promise to provide the highest quality hemp products for a price that's affordable for all. We are a group of hardworking farmers in Upstate New York who's only goal is to fulfill that promise, each and every day.  

Our Roots 

Roots are the foundation of health and growth. The roots of a plant pulls up the nutrients and water needed for good health and growth. Let Farmer's Select be your roots, supplying clean and all-natural cannabinoids for you to grow with the same health, strength, and purpose of our hemp plants.

Our Quality Pledge

Quality assurance begins with the seedling and ends with a bottle (or bud) sealed and ready to be shipped to your doorstep. During each step of this process we employ rigorous quality controls, inspecting the product throughout and tracking from seed to sale. Extraction, formulation, and bottling are all done in our FDA registered facility - certified compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Each batch is tested to ensure accurate cannabinoid levels and absolutely no pesticides, heavy metals, molds, microbes, or residual solvents. 


The Team

Farmer Meg Southerland

"We live in a rich area. Richness is measured in beauty, fresh air, clean water, and resourceful and talented people."

Megan Southerland of Gardenworks Farm

Salem, New York

In 1911, Grandpa McEachron purchased MacClan Farm where he owned a dairy herd and raised chickens. After graduating from Cornell, his youngest son, Harold, expanded the farm to include more than 200 cows and 50,000 chickens. 

Now in their 28th year, Gardenworks farms more than 12 acres, has a greenhouse full of annuals & perennials, and the dairy barn hosts a marketplace offering local cheeses, meats, organic vegetables & baked goods from the farm kitchen. Local handcrafts, artwork in the barn gallery, and a drying barn with hundreds of farm grown flowers add diversity.



Farmer Alex Rich

"We just use organic fertilizers, no pesticides, and no herbicides and we created a beautiful product."

Alex Rich Cruz of Dobbin Hill Homestead


Cambridge, New York

Alex is a 5th generation farmer with a passion for growing cannabis. His day always begins and ends in the field trimming, pruning, and inspecting. He started Dobbin Hill Homestead to bring back his family business and turn the corn fields into productive ground great for growing hemp, peppers, and tomatoes. Our hemp smokes are straight from the fields on top of Dobbin Hill.


Farmer Brad McWhorter

"My great grandfather came over in 1920 from Lithuania with just a shotgun and a couple of shells. He worked at a chicken farm about 3 miles away until he had enough money saved up to buy this farm."

Bradley McWhorter of Blackberry Falls Farm


Brad's "day" job is at a machine shop where he fashions parts for U.S. Navy submarines. But, on the land owned by his great-grandfather brad farms over a dozen crops including lettuce, sweet corn, barley, cantaloupe, tomatoes, and of course hemp. His dream is to turn the land where three generations of McWhorter's have built houses into a full-fledged specialty farm with cannabis as the anchor crop.